Why Should The Brake Pads On Both Sides Be Changed Together?

Jul. 20, 2020

The brake pads on both sides are worn differently, why should they be replaced together? I believe many car owners have such doubts.

In fact, the reason is very simple. What happens if a person wears a high heel and a low heel? The same applies to the brake pads. The thickness difference between the left and right sides is too large, and the braking force will be uneven.

The manufacturer of Alpina brake pads pointed out the main point: as long as the difference between the wear of the left and right brake pads is not very large, it is normal. It is important to know that the stress and speed of the four wheels of the car on different roads and different corners are inconsistent, and the braking force will also be inconsistent, so it is normal for the brake pads to wear out. Moreover, most of the ABS systems of current vehicles are equipped with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), and some are more standard with ESP (Electronic Body Stability System). The braking force of each wheel is "distributed on-demand".

Why the newly changed brake pads can't stop the car, At this time, the problem came again, and some car owners complained: I replaced the new brake pads according to professional recommendations, but they could not stop the car?

The brake pads are composed of steel plates, bonded heat insulation layers and friction blocks. The thickness of the new brake pads and the brake pads used are different due to the different wear and tear. The used brake pads run-in with the brake disc, the contact surface is large, and there are many irregularities, and the braking force is strong; the surface of the new brake pad is relatively flat, and the contact surface with the brake disc is small, the braking force will drop, and there will be a new replacement The brake pads can't stop. Therefore, when replacing a new brake pad, it needs to run in for a while.

The running-in method of the new brake pads is to use the fractional brake as much as possible for braking, and do not use the emergency brake before the running-in is completed. Drive carefully when running in to avoid accidents.

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