How To Purchase and Maintain Automobile Brake Pads?

Dec. 23, 2020

Car Brake Pad are also called automobile brake pads, which refer to the friction material fixed on the brake drum or brake disc that rotates with the wheel. The friction lining and the friction lining are subjected to external pressure and generate friction to achieve vehicle deceleration. purpose.

When we are using brakes, the brake pads play a vital role. When choosing a car brake pad, the driving environment must be taken into consideration. It is necessary to choose a qualified and regular brake pad, preferably the original brake pad. At present, there are many kinds of brake pads on the market. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and the price is also huge. Low-cost brake pads will cause the braking distance to be longer, and the brake pads will wear too quickly, which will be dangerous. Performance.

Generally, the original Brake Pads can run about 40,000 kilometers, and the general vehicle has to be checked and replaced after this number of kilometers. Usually, you should check the thickness of the brake pads. Once the brake pads are close to the minimum scale value, they must be replaced in time.

Usually a brand-new brake pad has a thickness of about 1cm, and its use limit is 3mm, which requires a more professional caliper to measure it, and a professional technician can judge its thickness with the naked eye. There are also some models now equipped with brake pad thickness sensors, which will light up warning lights on the dashboard when the brake pads are worn to the limit. And when the brake pads are contaminated by a large area of grease or abnormal wear or breakage occurs, they must be replaced in time.

The brake pads on the market today mainly include multi-metal brake pads, less metal brake pads, and organic brake pads. The first two types are brake pad materials used in most vehicles, and they are also the most common brake pads. The price is relatively cheap. Generally, they are composed of linings and friction materials. It has better thermal conductivity and brakes are more effective. In the case of high temperature, there will be no brake failure, but it is not comfortable for the driver or passengers when braking, the braking sound is also relatively loud, and the braking will be somewhat weakened at high temperatures.

Brake Pads

Brake Pads

The Ceramic Brake Pad in the "organic brake pads" have a much better mute effect than the previous two. Since its materials do not contain metal, there will be no metal friction sound during braking. Its service life is also much higher than that of semi-metal brake pads or less-metal brake pads. Because it is made of non-metallic materials, when other brake parts are rubbed, the damage to other parts is much smaller. This can greatly extend the service life of the brake.

Although the performance of ceramic brake pads is much better than semi-metal brake pads or less metal in terms of noise level, service life, high temperature resistance and friction coefficient, but when choosing brake pads, it is still necessary to choose brake pads suitable for this model. , Only by finding a suitable brake pad for this car, can the brake be used to its maximum performance.

Related maintenance:

If you feel that the brakes are not as sensitive as before, just step on the brakes vigorously while waiting for the red light.

Changing the air-conditioning filter element to a sponge of the same size not only increases the air intake, but also can be washed and reused, and the interior of the car is defrosted quickly in winter.

Stick a layer of black felt or flannel on the inner protective plate of the front wheel to reduce tire noise.

Use pliers to reduce the gap between the connection of the wiper blade and the place where the rubber sheet is clamped to eliminate the vibration and noise of the wiper blade.

Wipe the new bulb with alcohol to eliminate fingerprints and oil stains and prolong the life of the bulb.

Punch a small hole at the lowest point under the muffler to extend the life of the muffler.


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