Reasons For Early Wear of Heavy Truck Brake Pads

Oct. 30, 2020

The brake pads in heavy truck parts are also called brake pads. In the brake system of a car, the brake pad is the most critical safety part. The brake pad plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of all braking. Therefore, the Noise Free Brake Pad is the protector of people and cars.

Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, bonded heat insulation layers and friction blocks. The heat insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat for the purpose of heat insulation. The friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive, and is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction during braking, so as to achieve the purpose of slowing down and braking of the vehicle

Due to friction, the friction block will gradually be worn out. Generally speaking, the lower the cost, the faster the brake pad wears. The brake pads should be replaced in time after the friction material is used, otherwise the steel plate and the brake disc will directly contact, and eventually the braking effect will be lost and the brake disc will be damaged.

Truck Brake Pads

Truck Brake Pads

Owners often report that Truck Brake Pads are not wear-resistant. This is actually an early wear phenomenon. The main reasons for this early wear are as follows:

1.The material and structure of low-quality brake discs or drums are likely to cause early wear of the brake pads.

2. As the brake caliper of the brake system is damaged for a long time, the brake does not return, which causes the long-term drag and wear of the film and disc, which causes abnormal and serious wear.

3. The materials used in the Brake Pads are not up to the requirements and the design density of the friction layer of the brake pads is unreasonable, which is also one of the reasons for the serious wear of the brake pads.

4. The design area of the brake pads of the original car is small. Long-term overspeeding, frequent braking, overload work and long-term high temperature use are also the main reasons for the serious wear of the brake pads.


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