The Importance of Car Brake Pad Maintenance

Dec. 09, 2020

In car beauty and maintenance, the car maintenance of Brake Pads is very important. This is not only related to the use of the car, but also to the safety of driving, so it is very important. Let us understand: The moving shoe is commonly known as the brake pad. It is a consumable that will gradually wear out during use. When the wear reaches the limit, it must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the braking effect and even cause a safety accident.

Car Brake Pad

Car Brake Pad

Car brake pad maintenance

In the braking process of a car, due to friction, the friction block will gradually be worn out, and eventually will lose the braking effect and damage the brake disc. Generally speaking, the lower the cost, the faster the Car Brake Pad wears. The brake pads should be replaced in time after the friction material is used, otherwise the steel plate and the brake disc will directly contact. The following aspects should be paid attention to in daily inspection and maintenance:

1.Under normal driving conditions, check the brake pads every 5000 kilometers. It is necessary to check not only the remaining thickness, but also the wear state of the brake pads, whether the degree of wear on both sides is the same, whether the return is free, etc. It is necessary to find abnormal conditions Deal with it immediately.

2. Brake pads are generally composed of iron lining and friction material. Do not wait for the friction material to wear out before replacing the shoe. For example, the front brake pad of a Jetta car, the thickness of the new piece is 14 mm, and the replacement limit thickness is 7 mm, including the thickness of the iron lining plate of more than 3 mm and the thickness of the friction material of nearly 4 mm. Some vehicles have a brake shoe alarm function. Once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will give an alarm to remind the shoe to be replaced. The shoe that reaches the service limit must be replaced. Even if it can be used for a period of time, the braking effect will be reduced. Affect the safety of driving.

3. When replacing, replace the brake pads provided by the original spare parts. Only in this way can the braking effect between the brake pads and the brake disc be the best and the wear is minimized.

4. Special tools must be used to push back the brake cylinder when replacing the brake shoes. Do not use other crowbars to press back hard, which may cause the brake caliper guide screw to bend and cause the brake pad to jam.

5. After replacing the brake shoes, be sure to step on the brakes several times to eliminate the gap between the shoes and the brake disc, causing the first foot to fail to brake, which is prone to accidents. After replacement, it needs to run in for 200 kilometers to achieve the best braking effect, and the newly replaced shoe must be driven carefully.

Car brake pad replacement

Customized  Brake Pad are consumables and will gradually wear out during use. When they are worn to the limit, they must be replaced, otherwise the braking effect will be reduced and even a safety accident will occur. Nowadays, most cars use the front disc and rear drum brake structure. Under normal circumstances, the front brake shoe wears relatively quickly, and the rear brake shoe lasts for a relatively long time. Generally speaking, the front brake shoe is replaced twice. The brake pads are changed only once. Of course, the replacement of the brake pads of each vehicle has a lot to do with the driving habits of the driver.

In addition, warning lights on the vehicle will remind you that you need to replace the brake pads. When the friction material on the brake pad is worn to the steel back warning line, you will hear a "creaking" metal squeal when braking, and you need to replace it immediately.

When choosing brake pads, you need to choose good quality. The original parts of the 4s shop will be more guaranteed in quality, and the relative price will be more expensive than the repair shop. The editor suggests that within the price allowable range, try to choose well-known brand brake pads, so that the service life of the brake pads after replacement will be much longer.


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