In Doing So, The Brake Pads Will Last Longer

Oct. 20, 2020

People often ask how often the Brake Pads should be replaced. This is a difficult question to answer. In addition to running long distances and saving brakes, the most important thing is whether the driving style is appropriate, such as the amount of driving ahead. If you can master it well, you will find that in many cases there is no need to brake.

Because each driver step on the brakes with different frequency, it is difficult to define how often the Car Brake Pads need to be replaced. The only way is to check the degree of wear of the brake pads during routine inspections. If it reaches a critical point, it must be replaced immediately.

The replacement of disc brake pads is relatively simple. Remove the tires, loosen the screws of the brake caliper, you can take off the brake pads and replace them with new ones. The whole process can take up to 5 minutes without any adjustment.

The replacement of Truck Brake Pads is slightly more difficult. You need to remove the wheels and then the brake drum before replacing the brake pads. Pay attention to the overlap between the new brake pads and the brake drum. If the overlap is not good, sometimes it is necessary. Polished. When assembling, adjust the gap between the brake pad and the brake drum. In short, this is a slightly technical job.

Truck Brake Pads

Truck Brake Pads

Slam on the brakes when you encounter some problems. This is the favorite of people with poor driving skills, but it is actually a hidden danger of accidents. I believe you may have such an experience. The car in front is walking well and there is nothing wrong with the road ahead. However, someone inexplicably applies a brake, which makes the car behind him caught off guard and is likely to rear-end. This is a typical road killer.

In addition, there are people who have only two options for their feet during driving: refuel and apply the brakes. The frequency of braking has reached a very high level. In fact, such people are not a minority. The result of this is that it is naturally 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, and you have to change the brake pads once.

The correct driving habit is to keep your full attention at all times, keep an eye on the six roads, stop the oil in advance and slow down when the problem is found, and decide whether to apply the brakes according to the changes in the situation. Doing so can save gasoline and extend the life of the brake pads.


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