Are Your Brake Pads Okay?

Nov. 21, 2020

In the car's braking system, the Brake Pad is the most critical component, and the braking effect is mainly reflected through it.

But many novice drivers like to slam on the brakes at every turn. I believe that many people have encountered this experience: the road ahead is smooth, no pedestrians pass by, and no road construction. Suddenly the car in front brakes, causing them to be caught off guard. This bad driving habit of the driver in front will accelerate the wear of his brake pads.

So, how can we extend the service life of brake pads? The correct driving method is to be fully focused and watch the six roads while driving, and be prepared in advance for possible problems. If you predict that a problem may occur, you should put the brakes on the brakes in advance, and then decide whether to apply the brakes according to the road conditions. Good driving habits not only prolong the life of the brake pads, but also reduce fuel consumption, while effectively reducing the incidence of traffic accidents.

Car Brake Pads

Car Brake Pads

How to judge that the Car Brake Pads have worn out to the point where they need to be replaced? There are brake warning lights on some medium and high-end cars. But when the warning light is on and you only think of replacing the brake pads, the accident may have already happened. Because the warning light is on, it means that the brake pads have worn to a critical point, and the stability during emergency braking can no longer be guaranteed.

Some senior people reminded that if you find that the braking force is not as strong as before, or you need to step on more heavily to achieve the same braking force, this indicates that the car's braking system needs maintenance and maintenance.

Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of front brake pads is 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, and the replacement cycle of rear brake pads is 60,000 kilometers, which does not include excessive use of brake pads due to the driver's bad driving habits. Since different car manufacturers have different maintenance periods for different models, the specific brake pad replacement period should be subject to the requirements of the car manufacturer.

The Auto Brake Pads Supplier kindly reminded that although the brake pads are small, they are the basis for safe driving. Care for the brake pads and travel more worry-free.


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